fibroatrophy etymology

English word fibroatrophy comes from English fibro- (Fibre/fiber; fibrous.), English atrophy

Detailed word origin of fibroatrophy

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fibro- English (eng) Fibre/fiber; fibrous.
atrophy English (eng) (intransitive) To wither or waste away. [from early 18th c.]. (transitive) To cause to waste away or become abortive; to starve or weaken. (pathology) A reduction in the functionality of an organ caused by disease, injury or lack of use. [from early 17th c.].
fibroatrophy English (eng) (pathology) fibrotic atrophy.

Words with the same origin as fibroatrophy

Descendants of fibro-
fibroadenoma fibroatherotic fibrocalcific fibrocartilage fibrocystic fibrodysplasia fibroelastoma fibroepithelial fibroferrite fibrofibrinous fibrogenic fibrohistiocytoma fibroid fibroinflammatory fibrolamellar fibrolite fibroma fibronodular fibropapilloma fibrosclerosis fibrosclerotic fibrosis fibrothorax fibroxanthoma
Descendants of atrophy
antiatrophic atrophic atrophic vaginitis atrophically cerebroatrophic fibroatrophic lipoatrophic scleroatrophic