fibrocystic etymology

English word fibrocystic comes from English cystic, English fibro- (Fibre/fiber; fibrous.)

Detailed word origin of fibrocystic

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cystic English (eng) (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the gall bladder or the urinary bladder.. Of or pertaining to a cyst.
fibro- English (eng) Fibre/fiber; fibrous.
fibrocystic English (eng) (pathology) Having increased fibrosis together with increased cystic spaces.

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Descendants of fibro-
fibroadenoma fibroatherotic fibroatrophy fibrocalcific fibrocartilage fibrodysplasia fibroelastoma fibroepithelial fibroferrite fibrofibrinous fibrogenic fibrohistiocytoma fibroid fibroinflammatory fibrolamellar fibrolite fibroma fibronodular fibropapilloma fibrosclerosis fibrosclerotic fibrosis fibrothorax fibroxanthoma