fibrothorax etymology

English word fibrothorax comes from English fibro- (Fibre/fiber; fibrous.), English thorax

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fibro- English (eng) Fibre/fiber; fibrous.
thorax English (eng) (anatomy) The region of the mammalian body between the neck and abdomen as well as the cavity containing the heart and lungs.. (entomology, and, arachnology) The middle of three distinct divisions in an insect, crustacean or arachnid body.
fibrothorax English (eng) Fibrosis of the pleural space surrounding the lungs. It can have several causes, including hemothorax, pleural effusion, and tuberculosis.

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fibroadenoma fibroatherotic fibroatrophy fibrocalcific fibrocartilage fibrocystic fibrodysplasia fibroelastoma fibroepithelial fibroferrite fibrofibrinous fibrogenic fibrohistiocytoma fibroid fibroinflammatory fibrolamellar fibrolite fibroma fibronodular fibropapilloma fibrosclerosis fibrosclerotic fibrosis fibroxanthoma
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