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English word finesse comes from Proto-Indo-European *dʰnh₂-, Malayalam finis, and later Old French fin (Fine, delicate.).

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*dʰnh₂- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
finis Malayalam (mal)
finis Latin (lat) (in the plural) boundaries; by extension, territory, region, lands. Death. End. Limit in duration, term (duration of a set length). Limit, border, boundary. Purpose.
finire Latin (lat)
finitus Latin (lat)
fin Old French (fro) Fine, delicate.
finesse Middle French (frm)
finesse English (eng) (ambitransitive) To handle or manage carefully or skillfully.. (ambitransitive, card games) To play (a card) as a finesse (see noun sense above).. (transitive) To evade. (countable) An adroit manoeuvre.. (countable, bridge) A technique which allows one to promote tricks based on a favorable position of one or more cards in the hands of the opponent.. (uncountable) Skill in handling of a [...]

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