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English word fingerprint comes from English print, English finger.

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print English (eng) (motion pictures) A copy of a film that can be projected.. (photography) A photograph that has been printed onto paper from the negative.. (uncountable) Books and other material created by printing presses, considered collectively or as a medium.. (uncountable) Clear handwriting, especially, writing without connected letters as in cursive.. (uncountable) The letters forming the text of a [...]
finger English (eng) (UK, _, regional, botany, usually, _, in) Synonym of foxglove (D. purpurea).. (UK, _, slang) A person.. (US, obsolete, _, slang) A policeman or prison guard.. (US, rare, _, slang) A criminal who scouts for prospective victims and targets or who performs reconnaissance before a crime.. (US, rare, _, slang) An informer to the police, (especially) one who identifies a criminal during a lineup.. [...]
fingerprint English (eng) (computing) Unique identification for public key in asymmetric cryptosystem.. A trace that gives evidence of someone's involvement.. A unique combination of features that serves as an identification of something.. The patterns left on surfaces where uncovered fingertips have touched.. The unique natural pattern of ridges on the tips of the fingers. (transitive) To identify something uniquely [...]