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English word firewall comes from English fire, English wall

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fire English (eng) (farriery) to cauterize. (intransitive) to shoot a gun, a cannon or a similar weapon. (intransitive, computer sciences, software engineering) to initiate an event (by means of an event handler). (intransitive, dated) to be irritated or inflamed with passion. (intransitive, dated) to catch fire; to be kindled. (intransitive, physiology) to cause an action potential in a cell. (transitive) to [...]
wall English (eng) (with "in") To enclose by surrounding with walls.. (with "off") To separate with a wall. (with "up") To seal with a wall. To enclose with a wall (nautical) A kind of knot often used at the end of a rope; a wall knot or wale. To boil.. To well, as water; spring. (US) (Internet) A personal notice board listing messages of interest to a particular user.. (anatomy, zoology, botany) A divisive or [...]
firewall English (eng) (computer security) The software that monitors traffic in and out of a private network or a personal computer and allows or blocks such traffic depending on its perceived threat.. A fireproof barrier used to prevent the spread of fire between or through buildings, structures, electrical substation transformers, or within an aircraft or vehicle. (intransitive, motor vehicles or aircraft, [...]

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Fireland bump firing firable firie firy