firewood etymology

English word firewood comes from English wood, English fire

Detailed word origin of firewood

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wood English (eng) (chess, uncountable, slang) Chess pieces.. (countable) A forested or wooded area.. (countable) The wood of a particular species of tree.. (countable, golf) A type of golf club, the head of which was traditionally made of wood.. (music) A woodwind instrument.. (uncountable) The substance making up the central part of the trunk and branches of a tree. Used as a material for construction, to [...]
fire English (eng) (farriery) to cauterize. (intransitive) to shoot a gun, a cannon or a similar weapon. (intransitive, computer sciences, software engineering) to initiate an event (by means of an event handler). (intransitive, dated) to be irritated or inflamed with passion. (intransitive, dated) to catch fire; to be kindled. (intransitive, physiology) to cause an action potential in a cell. (transitive) to [...]
firewood English (eng) Wood intended to be burned, typically for heat.

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Descendants of wood
Myerscough Woodford krummholz lignoceric wud
Descendants of fire
Fireland bump firing firable firie firy