flippase etymology

English word flippase comes from English -ase (Used to form the names of enzymes.), English flip

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-ase English (eng) Used to form the names of enzymes.
flip English (eng) (intransitive, slang) To go berserk or crazy.. (transitive) To put into a quick revolving motion through a snap of the thumb and index finger.. (transitive) To throw (as in to turn over).. (transitive, US, _, politics) To win a state (or county) won by another party in the preceding elections. (transitive, computing) To invert a bit (binary digit), changing it from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0.. [...]
flippase English (eng) (biochemistry) An enzyme located in the membrane responsible for aiding the movement of phospholipid molecules between the two leaflets that compose a cell's membrane (transverse diffusion).

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agarase aldoketomutase allantoinase amidohydrolase aminomutase aspartase cellulase chitosanase chloroperoxidase dihydrolase dinitrogenase elongase galactanase ginsenosidase hexosaminidase homocysteinase keratanase myrosinase permease protease pseudoprotease tannase telomerase uricase