float etymology

English word float comes from Proto-Indo-European *plewd-, and later Proto-Germanic *fleutaną (To float, stream.)

Detailed word origin of float

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*plewd- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*fleutaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To float, stream.
*flutōną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To float; drift.
flotian Old English (ang) To float.
floten Middle English (enm) To float (rest on a liquid).
float English (eng) (computing, transitive) To cause (an element within a document) to float above or beside others.. (intransitive) Of an object or substance, to be supported by a liquid of greater density than the object so as that part of the object or substance remains above the surface.. (intransitive) To automatically adjust a parameter as related parameters change.. (intransitive) To be capable of [...]

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Descendants of *plewd-
afloat flatter fleet fleeting flutter