flox etymology

English word flox comes from English liquid oxygen, English fluorine

Detailed word origin of flox

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liquid oxygen English (eng) A solution of hydrogen peroxide and other compounds that is reputed to have health benefits.. Oxygen in liquid form.
fluorine English (eng) (chemistry, countable) A single atom of this element.. (uncountable) The chemical element (symbol F) with an atomic number of 9.
flox English (eng) (astronautics, dated) To add fluorine to liquid-oxygen rocket fuel.

Words with the same origin as flox

Descendants of liquid oxygen
hydrolox kerolox lox methalox
Descendants of fluorine
ammonium fluoride antifluoridationist borofluoride difluoride fluoridation fluoride fluorinate fluorination heptafluoride hexafluoride magnesium fluoride monofluoride nitrosyl fluoride pentafluoride polyvinylidene fluoride potassium fluoride radon fluoride sulfuryl fluoride tetrafluoride trifluoride