fluoroprobe etymology

English word fluoroprobe comes from English probe, English fluoro- (Fluorescent. Fluorine.)

Detailed word origin of fluoroprobe

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probe English (eng) (aeronautics) A tube attached to an aircraft which can be fitted into the drogue from a tanker aircraft to allow for aerial refuelling. [from 20th c.]. (astronautics) A small, usually unmanned, spacecraft used to acquire information or measurements about its surroundings. [from 20th c.]. (biochemistry) Any group of atoms or molecules radioactively labeled in order to study a given molecule [...]
fluoro- English (eng) Fluorescent. Fluorine.
fluoroprobe English (eng) Any of various probes used to measure fluorescence.

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Descendants of fluoro-
dichlorofluoromethane difluoromethane fluoric fluorobenzene fluorobenzyl fluorocitrate fluorodesulfurization fluorodifen fluorogenic fluorogram fluoroorotic fluorophore fluorophosphate fluorophotometry fluoropyrrole fluoroscopically fluorosilicic fluorosphere fluorosulfite fluorothymidine fluorotype hydrofluoric pentafluoroethane trichlorofluoromethane