fluorotype etymology

English word fluorotype comes from English fluoro- (Fluorescent. Fluorine.), English -type

Detailed word origin of fluorotype

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fluoro- English (eng) Fluorescent. Fluorine.
-type English (eng) (biology) Used to form words referring to groups of organisms characterized by the presence of a specific feature. Impressed form; stamp; print. Typical form.
fluorotype English (eng) (historical) A photographic process in which salts of fluoric acid were employed for the purpose of producing images in the camera.

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Descendants of fluoro-
dichlorofluoromethane difluoromethane fluoric fluorobenzene fluorobenzyl fluorocitrate fluorodesulfurization fluorodifen fluorogenic fluorogram fluoroorotic fluorophore fluorophosphate fluorophotometry fluoroprobe fluoropyrrole fluoroscopically fluorosilicic fluorosphere fluorosulfite fluorothymidine hydrofluoric pentafluoroethane trichlorofluoromethane
Descendants of -type