for- etymology

English word for- comes from Middle English for-

Detailed word origin of for-

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for- Middle English (enm)
for- English (eng) (dialectal) Very; excessively.. (no longer productive) Meaning "completely", "to the fullest extent" e.g. forbreak; superseded by combinations with "up" in senses where no upward movement is involved, e.g. forgive = give up (one's offenses), forgather = "gather up", forbeat = "beat up", etc.. (no longer productive) Meaning "far", "away"; "from", "out" e.g. forbid, forget, forsay; forbear, fordeem.

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forbeat forcleave fordote foreshorten forespend forethink forfered forflutter forharden forhew forhill forhiller forlighten forloppin formay forold forpass forridden forslack forslip forsloth forsume forteach fortear forthink