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English word formaldehyde comes from English formic acid, English aldehyde

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formic acid English (eng) (organic compound) The simplest carboxylic acid, HCOOH, a colourless, corrosive liquid with a sharp odour; it is present in the stings of ants, bees and nettles, and is prepared industrially by the oxidation of methanol or formaldehyde; it has some industrial uses, and its esters, the formates are used in perfumes.
aldehyde English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a large class of reactive organic compounds (R·CHO) having a carbonyl functional group attached to one hydrocarbon radical and a hydrogen atom.
formaldehyde English (eng) (organic compound) The simplest aldehyde, H-CHO, a colourless gas that has many industrial applications; it dissolves in water to give formol (10%) and formalin.

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Descendants of formic acid
paraformaldehyde polyformaldehyde
Descendants of aldehyde
-al alanine aldehydic aldol benzal chinaldine