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English word forold comes from English old, English for-

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old English (eng) (heading) Of an earlier time.. (obsolete) Excessive, abundant.. A grammatical intensifier, often used in describing something positive. (Mostly in idioms like good old, big old and little old, any old and some old.). Familiar.. Former, previous.. Having existed or lived for the specified time.. Obsolete; out-of-date.. Of a living being, having lived for most of the expected years.. Of a [...]
for- English (eng) (dialectal) Very; excessively.. (no longer productive) Meaning "completely", "to the fullest extent" e.g. forbreak; superseded by combinations with "up" in senses where no upward movement is involved, e.g. forgive = give up (one's offenses), forgather = "gather up", forbeat = "beat up", etc.. (no longer productive) Meaning "far", "away"; "from", "out" e.g. forbid, forget, forsay; forbear, fordeem.
forold English (eng) (dialectal, or, obsolete) Very old.

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Descendants of old
Old Italian Old Serbo-Croatian Ould Sod audfarandly ould ould fella ould one
Descendants of for-
forbathe fordote foreshorten forespend forfaint forflutter forfoughten forhew forhiller forlead forlend forlong forlonging forloppin forpass forsaid forslack forslip forsloth forteach forwaste forwent forwither forworship