fourpartite etymology

English word fourpartite comes from English -partite ((forming adjectives) Having the specified number of parts.), English four

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-partite English (eng) (forming adjectives) Having the specified number of parts.
four English (eng) (cardinal) A numerical value equal to 4; the number after three and before five; two plus two. This many dots (••••). Describing a set or group with four components. (basketball, countable) A power forward.. (countable) Anything measuring four units, as length.. (countable) The digit or figure 4; an occurrence thereof.. (cricket, countable) An event whereby a batsman hits a ball which [...]
fourpartite English (eng) Quadripartite.

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Descendants of -partite
decapartite hexapartite tetrapartite twopartite
Descendants of four
five-peat rouf three-peat threepeat