frenzy etymology

English word frenzy comes from Ancient Greek φρήν (mind, heart) and later φρενῖτις (inflammation of the brain), and Latin phrenesis (madness, frenzy)

Detailed word origin of frenzy

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φρήν Ancient Greek (grc) mind, heart
φρενῖτις Ancient Greek (grc) inflammation of the brain
phrenesis Latin (lat) madness, frenzy
frenesie Old French (fro) Frenzy (violent agitation of the mind approaching madness; rage).
frenzy English (eng) (obsolete) Mad; frantic. (rare) To exhibit a frenzy, such as a feeding frenzy.. (uncommon) To render frantic. A state of wild activity or panic.. A violent agitation of the mind approaching madness; rage.

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frantic schizophrenia schizophrenic