fructooligosaccharide etymology

English word fructooligosaccharide comes from English oligosaccharide, English fructo- (Fructose.)

Detailed word origin of fructooligosaccharide

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oligosaccharide English (eng) (carbohydrate) a polysaccharide of low molecular weight, being a polymer of between three and seven monosaccharide units.
fructo- English (eng) Fructose.
fructooligosaccharide English (eng) (carbohydrate) Any of a class of oligosaccharides composed of fructose molecules, used as sweeteners.

Words with the same origin as fructooligosaccharide

Descendants of oligosaccharide
oligosaccharidic oligosaccharidosis
Descendants of fructo-
fructofuranose fructofuranoside fructophilic fructopyranose fructotransferase