fructophilic etymology

English word fructophilic comes from English fructo- (Fructose.), English -philic

Detailed word origin of fructophilic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
fructo- English (eng) Fructose.
-philic English (eng)
fructophilic English (eng) (biochemistry, of a yeast) able to ferment fructose.

Words with the same origin as fructophilic

Descendants of fructo-
fructofuranose fructofuranoside fructooligosaccharide fructopyranose fructotransferase
Descendants of -philic
Americophilic Israelophilic Italophilic Sinophilic aerophilic androphilic anthropophilic azophilic biastophilic bibliophilic congophilic cytophilic fluorophilic halophilic iodophilic lipophilicity metallophilic metallophilicity neutrinophilic nyctophilic oleophilic rheophilic scatophilic theophilic thermophilic