functome etymology

English word functome comes from English function, English -ome

Detailed word origin of functome

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function English (eng) (intransitive) to carry on a function; to be in action. (intransitive) to have a function (anthropology) The role of a social practice in the continued existence of the group.. (biology) The physiological activity of an organ or body part.. (chemistry) The characteristic behavior of a chemical compound.. (computing) A routine that receives zero or more arguments and may return a result.. [...]
-ome English (eng) (biology) The complete whole of a class of substances for a species or an individual. A mass of something.
functome English (eng) (biochemistry, genetics) The complete set of functional molecular units in biological cells.

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Descendants of function
digraphon functoid graphon
Descendants of -ome
adiposome allergome bibliome chaetome exposeome exposome foldome fusome immunopeptidome interactome ionome kinome metallome methylome monome morphome omic paleome phospholipidomics plastidome plexinome processome pseudome succinylome textome