fungiform etymology

English word fungiform comes from English -form, English fungi- (Fungi (mushrooms, yeasts, and so on).)

Detailed word origin of fungiform

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-form English (eng) Related to formic acid in some way. Having the shape or form of; looking like.
fungi- English (eng) Fungi (mushrooms, yeasts, and so on).
fungiform English (eng) Having the shape of a mushroom.

Words with the same origin as fungiform

Descendants of -form
appendectomy appendicitis calceiform caprimulgiform cochleariform corticiform helioform infundibularform lachrymiform luciform penniform piliform pisciform poculiform salverform schizophreniform scopiform setiform spendicitis spiciform terraform theiform ursiform vermiform
Descendants of fungi-
fungate fungicidal fungicide fungistatic fungitoxic