furious etymology

English word furious comes from Latin furo (I rave or rage.), Latin -osus

Detailed word origin of furious

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furo Latin (lat) I rave or rage.
-osus Latin (lat) -ose, -ous; full of, prone to. Used to form adjectives from nouns.
furia Latin (lat) Rage, fury, frenzy.
furiosus Latin (lat) Full of madness or rage, furious, raging.
furieus Old French (fro)
furious English (eng) Rushing with impetuosity; moving with violence.. Transported with anger or passion; raging; violent.

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Descendants of furo
Descendants of -osus
cop copper copy courageous cup cupcake curiosity curious delicious envious fabulous flashing glorious gracious jealous jelly luxurious monstrous nervous ominous precious superstitious vicious virtuous