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English word gal comes from Proto-Indo-European *kol-, Anglo-Norman galon, and later Latin galleta ((Medieval Latin) jug, bucket, pail.)

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Detailed word origin of gal

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*kol- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
galon Anglo-Norman (xno)
galla Gaulish (cel-gau)
*galla Latin (lat)
galleta Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) jug, bucket, pail.
gallon English (eng) (British, Canadian) exactly 4.54609 liters; an imperial gallon. (US) 231 cubic inches or approximately 3.785 liters for liquids (a "U.S. liquid gallon"). (US) one-eighth of a U.S. bushel or approximately 4.405 liters for dry goods (a "U.S. dry gallon").. (in the plural, informal) A large quantity (of any liquid).. A unit of volume, equivalent to eight pints.
gal English (eng)

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halibut holiness holly holy
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