galactopoiesis etymology

English word galactopoiesis comes from English -poiesis (Production, creation or formation.), English galacto-

Detailed word origin of galactopoiesis

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-poiesis English (eng) Production, creation or formation.
galacto- English (eng)
galactopoiesis English (eng) The continued production of milk by the mammary gland.

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Descendants of -poiesis
angiopoiesis cardiopoiesis chylopoiesis erythropoiesis ethnopoiesis haematopoiesis haemopoiesis hematopoiesis hemopoiesis leukopoiesis mammopoiesis monopoiesis myelopoiesis mythopoiesis neuropoiesis thrombopoiesis thymopoiesis thymopoietic
Descendants of galacto-
galactase galactocele galactocentric galactocerebroside galactofuranose galactogen galactoglucan galactoglycerolipid galactogram galactography galactokinase galactolipid galactomannan galactometer galactooligosaccharide galactoprotein galactopyranose galactopyranoside galactosialidosis galactosphingolipid galactosucrose