gametocytaemia etymology

English word gametocytaemia comes from English gametocyte, English -aemia

Detailed word origin of gametocytaemia

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gametocyte English (eng) (cytology) A diploid germ cell that divides by meiosis into a gamete.
-aemia English (eng) (British spelling) Blood.. (British spelling, medicine) Referring to the state or condition of the blood.
gametocytaemia English (eng) (pathology) The presence of gametocytes in the blood.

Words with the same origin as gametocytaemia

Descendants of -aemia
acidaemia alcoholaemia bilirubinaemia carbonæmia chloridaemia euvolemia hypalbuminemia hyperindicanaemia hyperlipidaemia hyperlipoidaemia hyperlipoproteinaemia hyperphosphataemia hyperprolactinaemia hypertriglyceridaemia hypochloridaemia hypocholesterolaemia hypolipidaemia hypouricaemia insulinaemia ketonaemia lacticaemia lithaemia spanaemia tyrosinaemia