gametophore etymology

English word gametophore comes from English -phore (Bearer, carrier or conveyor.), English gamete

Detailed word origin of gametophore

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-phore English (eng) Bearer, carrier or conveyor.
gamete English (eng) (cytology) A reproductive cell (sperm in males or eggs in females), having only half of a complete set of chromosomes.
gametophore English (eng) (botany) in ferns, the bearer of sex organs.

Words with the same origin as gametophore

Descendants of -phore
adenophorous androphore carpophore chromophore electrophore iodophor luminophore mechanophore myophore necrophore nectophore odontophore onomatophore oophore oöphore phagophore pharmacophore photophore pogonophore polyphore rhinophoral semantophore siderophore zygophore
Descendants of gamete
gametic gametogenesis gametogony gametophyte