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English word gangster comes from English gang, English -ster

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gang English (eng) (intransitive, chiefly, UK, _, dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To go; walk; proceed. (intransitive) To band together as a group or gang.. (transitive) to attach similar items together to form a larger unit. (US) A chain gang.. (US) A criminal group with a common cultural background and identifying features, often associated with a particular section of a city.. (electrics) A group of [...]
-ster English (eng) (humorous, sometimes, offensive) A diminutive appended to a person's name.. Someone who is, or who is associated with, or who does something specified.
gangster English (eng) A member of a criminal or street gang.. A member of a professional criminal organization; a racketeer.

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barrister brewster youngster