gasiferous etymology

English word gasiferous comes from English gas, English -iferous

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gas English (eng) (US) To fill (a vehicle's fuel tank) with fuel.. (US) To give a vehicle more fuel in order to accelerate it. (Ireland, colloquial) comical, zany; fun, amusing (US) Methane or other waste gases trapped in one's belly as a result of the digestive process.. (baseball) A fastball.. (countable) A hob on a gas cooker.. (countable, chemistry) A chemical element or compound in such a state.. (slang) [...]
-iferous English (eng)
gasiferous English (eng) Full of or producing gas; gassy.

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Descendants of gas
Descendants of -iferous
coloriferous coralliferous crystalliferous fossiliferous galeniferous guaniferous gummiferous insectiferous lamelliferous mammaliferous manniferous muriatiferous nectariferous nitrogeniferous ocelliferous ozoniferous papuliferous phosphoriferous polleniferous pyritiferous siliciferous stoloniferous sulphuriferous uriniferous