geokinesis etymology

English word geokinesis comes from English -kinesis (Movement, motion.), English geo- (Earth. Geography.)

Detailed word origin of geokinesis

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-kinesis English (eng) Movement, motion.
geo- English (eng) Earth. Geography.
geokinesis English (eng) (parapsychology) The ability to manipulate the movement of minerals in the earth using supposed psychic powers.

Words with the same origin as geokinesis

Descendants of -kinesis
acrokinesis aerokinesis amphikinesis autokinesis biokinesis chemokinesis diakinesis ferrokinesis hydrokinesis hypokinesis metakinesis microkinesis neurokinesis nucleokinesis optokinesis orthokinesis parakinesis photokinesis pryokinesis psychokinesis teek telekinesis telekinetic thermokinesis
Descendants of geo-
geocache geocomposite geodemographics geoecology geoengineering geoforensics geographer geolithological geolocalize geolocation geomagnetic geomodelling geomorphometry geomythology geonet geopedology geophysical geophysicist geopolitical geopolitics geopositioned geoprivacy geostationary geosynchronous geothermal