geronticide etymology

English word geronticide comes from English geronto- (Pertaining to old age or those of old age.), English -icide

Detailed word origin of geronticide

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geronto- English (eng) Pertaining to old age or those of old age.
-icide English (eng)
geronticide English (eng) The killing or euthanasia of the elderly.

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Descendants of geronto-
biogerontology gerontocentric gerontocide gerontocracy gerontogene gerontolatry gerontological gerontologist gerontology gerontomorphosis gerontophagy gerontophile gerontophilia gerontophobe gerontosexuality gerontotherapeutic gerontotherapy psychogerontology sociogerontology
Descendants of -icide
Christicide Islamicide adulticide amœbicide anaerobicidal anaerobicide attracticidal attracticide culturicidal culturicide elephanticide femicide humanicide lousicide muscicide pediculicide roboticide slimicide sporicide termiticide weedicide