gerontocracy etymology

English word gerontocracy comes from English -cracy (Rule.), English geronto- (Pertaining to old age or those of old age.)

Detailed word origin of gerontocracy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-cracy English (eng) Rule.
geronto- English (eng) Pertaining to old age or those of old age.
gerontocracy English (eng) Government by elders.

Words with the same origin as gerontocracy

Descendants of -cracy
Descendants of geronto-
biogerontology geronticide gerontocentric gerontocide gerontogene gerontolatry gerontological gerontologist gerontology gerontomorphosis gerontophagy gerontophile gerontophilia gerontophobe gerontosexuality gerontotherapeutic gerontotherapy psychogerontology sociogerontology