ghee etymology

English word ghee comes from Sanskrit घृत, and later Urdu گھی (Clarified butter. Ghee.)

Detailed word origin of ghee

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घृत Sanskrit (san) Illumined Sprinkled (= उदक) fertilizing rain (considered as the fat which drops from heaven), water. Ghee i.e. clarified butter or butter which has been boiled gently and allowed to cool (it is used for culinary and religious purposes and is highly esteemed by the Hindus), fat (as an emblem of fertility), fluid grease, cream. Name of a son of Dharma (grandson of Anu and father of Duduha).
گھی Urdu (urd) Clarified butter. Ghee.
ghee English (eng) (India) vegetable oil for cooking.. A type of clarified butter used in South Asian cooking; usli ghee.