giddy etymology

English word giddy comes from Proto-Germanic *gudīgaz, and later Old English gydig (Possessed by an evil spirit; mad.)

Detailed word origin of giddy

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*gudīgaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
gydiġ Old English (ang)
gydig Old English (ang) Possessed by an evil spirit; mad.
gydi Middle English (enm)
giddy English (eng) (obsolete, transitive) To make dizzy or unsteady.. To reel; to whirl. (archaic) Frivolous, impulsive, inconsistent, changeable.. Causing dizziness: causing dizziness or a feeling of unsteadiness.. Dizzy, feeling dizzy or unsteady and as if about to fall down.. Lightheartedly silly, or joyfully elated.