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English word girlie comes from English -ie, English girl

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-ie English (eng) (occasionally, sometimes, derogatory) Forming nouns signifying the person associated with suffixed noun or verb.. Forming diminutive or affectionate forms of nouns or names.
girl English (eng) (UK, dialect, obsolete) A roebuck two years old.. (US, slang) Cocaine, especially in powder form.. (colloquial) A term of endearment. (see usage notes). (uncommon, card games) A queen (the playing card.). A female child, adolescent, or young woman; by extension, a young female animal. A female servant; a maid. (see usage notes). Any woman, regardless of her age. (see usage notes). One's [...]
girlie English (eng) (colloquial) A young girl.. (slang) A magazine targeting an adult male audience and containing nude or semi-nude photographs of women. (slang) Of entertainment, involving attractive women or images thereof, usually nude or wearing skimpy clothing.

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Descendants of -ie
anyone auntie barbie birdie blondie bookie brownie cutie doggie hottie junkie maggie movie one rookie someone sweetie un wan yan yen young youth youthful
Descendants of girl
gal gel