glioma etymology

English word glioma comes from English -oma, English glial cell

Detailed word origin of glioma

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-oma English (eng) (pathology) Forming nouns indicating disease or morbidity.. (pathology, specifically) Forming nouns indicating tumors or masses, which may be benign or cancerous (malignant).
glial cell English (eng) (anatomy) A type of cell, in the nervous system, that provides support for the neurons.
glioma English (eng) (pathology) A tumour that arises from glial cells in the brain or spinal cord.

Words with the same origin as glioma

Descendants of -oma
acanthoma adenoma apudoma astrocytoma branchioma chorioangioma endothelioma fascinoma fibroma genome gyroma haematoma keratoangioma lymph melanoma meningioma myoma myomatous neuroma oncogenomic papilloma stercoroma teratoma xyloma
Descendants of glial cell
glioblastoma gliosarcoma