glossanthrax etymology

English word glossanthrax comes from English gloss- ((chiefly, anatomy) tongue. (uncommon) speech, language.), English anthrax

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gloss- English (eng) (chiefly, anatomy) tongue. (uncommon) speech, language.
anthrax English (eng) (pathology) An acute infectious disease of herbivores, especially sheep and cattle, caused by Bacillus anthracis.. The human disease that can occur in humans through contact with infected herbivores, tissue from infected animals, or high concentrations of anthrax spores, but is not usually spread between humans, with symptoms including lesions on the skin or in the lungs, often fatal.
glossanthrax English (eng) A disease of horses and cattle accompanied by carbuncles in the mouth and on the tongue.

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Descendants of gloss-
glossectomy glosseme hemiglossectomy
Descendants of anthrax
Amerithrax anthracic anthracoid