glossographer etymology

English word glossographer comes from English glosso- (Gloss- + -o-.), English -grapher

Detailed word origin of glossographer

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
glosso- English (eng) Gloss- + -o-.
-grapher English (eng) A machine which notates a specified subject. Someone who writes about a specified subject, or in a specified manner.
glossographer English (eng) A writer of a glossary; a commentator.

Words with the same origin as glossographer

Descendants of glosso-
glossalgia glossitis glossocele glossodynia glossoepiglottic glossograph glossokinetic glossolalic glossonym glossopalatine glossopharyngeal glossopharynx glossophile glossophilia glossophobia glossoplegia glossopoeia glossotomy
Descendants of -grapher
angiographer calendographer chalcographer chirographer cometographer cryptographer demographer demonographer elegiographer ethnographer geographer heresiographer histographer logographer mimographer mythographer paleographer paramiographer petrographer seismographer stereotypographer tasseographer