glossopharyngeal etymology

English word glossopharyngeal comes from English pharyngeal, English glosso- (Gloss- + -o-.)

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pharyngeal English (eng) (phonetics) Articulated with the pharynx, a term usually describing a consonant which is articulated by the rear area of the tongue being raised to below the region between the uvula and the pharyngeal wall. The term cannot apply to a plosive or stop consonant.. Of or pertaining to the pharynx. (phonetics) A sound that is articulated with the pharynx.
glosso- English (eng) Gloss- + -o-.
glossopharyngeal English (eng) Pertaining to both the tongue and the pharynx. Any of the glossopharyngeal nerves.

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glossalgia glossitis glossocele glossodynia glossoepiglottic glossograph glossographer glossokinetic glossolalic glossonym glossopalatine glossopharynx glossophile glossophilia glossophobia glossoplegia glossopoeia glossotomy