glossopharynx etymology

English word glossopharynx comes from English glosso- (Gloss- + -o-.), English pharynx

Detailed word origin of glossopharynx

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glosso- English (eng) Gloss- + -o-.
pharynx English (eng) (anatomy) The part of the alimentary canal and respiratory tract that extends from the back of the mouth and nasal cavity to the larynx and esophagus.
glossopharynx English (eng) The region that includes the tongue and the pharynx.

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Descendants of glosso-
glossalgia glossitis glossocele glossodynia glossoepiglottic glossograph glossographer glossokinetic glossolalic glossonym glossopalatine glossopharyngeal glossophile glossophilia glossophobia glossoplegia glossopoeia glossotomy
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