glossophobia etymology

English word glossophobia comes from English nuptial, English glosso- (Gloss- + -o-.)

Detailed word origin of glossophobia

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nuptial English (eng) Capable, or characteristic, of breeding.. Of or pertaining to wedding and marriage.
glosso- English (eng) Gloss- + -o-.
glossophobia English (eng) Speech anxiety. The fear of public speaking.

Words with the same origin as glossophobia

Descendants of nuptial
abe ablaze ace adrift afar afire aflame afloat afoot aforementioned ahold ajar akin aline amelia amid amiss arouse ashore aside asleep astern asystole atop awash
Descendants of glosso-
glossalgia glossitis glossocele glossodynia glossoepiglottic glossograph glossographer glossokinetic glossolalic glossonym glossopalatine glossopharyngeal glossopharynx glossophile glossophilia glossoplegia glossopoeia glossotomy