glucokinase etymology

English word glucokinase comes from English kinase, English gluco- (Glucose. Sweetness.)

Detailed word origin of glucokinase

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kinase English (eng) (enzyme, organic compound) Any of a group of enzymes that transfer phosphate groups from high-energy donor molecules, such as ATP, to specific target molecules (substrates), in a process termed phosphorylation.
gluco- English (eng) Glucose. Sweetness.
glucokinase English (eng) A hexokinase isozyme that facilitates phosphorylation of glucose to glucose-6-phosphate, occurring in cells in the liver, pancreas, gut, and brain of humans and most other vertebrates.

Words with the same origin as glucokinase

Descendants of kinase
kinome kinomic telokin
Descendants of gluco-
glucoamylase glucocentric glucocerebroside glucodigitoxigenin glucofuranose glucogenesis glucogenic glucohellebrin glucohydrolase glucoincretin glucolipid glucometabolic glucometer gluconeogenesis glucopyranose glucoraphanin glucoregulation glucoregulatory glucosaccharide glucosensing glucotoxic glucotransferase phosphoglucoisomerase