gluconeogenesis etymology

English word gluconeogenesis comes from English gluco- (Glucose. Sweetness.), English neogenesis

Detailed word origin of gluconeogenesis

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gluco- English (eng) Glucose. Sweetness.
neogenesis English (eng) (biology) The regeneration of tissue.. (geology) The formation of new minerals.
gluconeogenesis English (eng) (biochemistry) The metabolic process in which glucose is formed, mostly in the liver, from non-carbohydrate precursors.

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Descendants of gluco-
glucoamylase glucocentric glucocerebroside glucodigitoxigenin glucofuranose glucogenesis glucogenic glucohellebrin glucohydrolase glucoincretin glucokinase glucolipid glucometabolic glucometer glucopyranose glucoraphanin glucoregulation glucoregulatory glucosaccharide glucosensing glucotoxic glucotransferase phosphoglucoisomerase