glycerophosphorylation etymology

English word glycerophosphorylation comes from English phosphorylation, English glycero- ((organic chemistry) Derived from glycerol.)

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phosphorylation English (eng) (biochemistry) the process of transferring a phosphate group from a donor to an acceptor; often catalysed by enzymes.
glycero- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Derived from glycerol.
glycerophosphorylation English (eng) (organic chemistry) phosphorylation with a glycerophosphoric acid (or derivative).

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Descendants of glycero-
galactoglycerolipid glyceroglycolipid glyceroketone glycerolipid glyceroneogenesis glycerophosphoglucose glycerophospholipid glycerophosphoric glycerophosphoric acid glycerophosphorylcholine glycoglycerolipid