glycohydrolysis etymology

English word glycohydrolysis comes from English glyco- (Glycogen. Sugars.), English hydrolysis

Detailed word origin of glycohydrolysis

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glyco- English (eng) Glycogen. Sugars.
hydrolysis English (eng) (chemistry) A chemical process of decomposition involving the splitting of a bond and the addition of the hydrogen cation and the hydroxide anion of water.
glycohydrolysis English (eng) The hydrolysis of glycosides.

Words with the same origin as glycohydrolysis

Descendants of glyco-
acanthaglycoside glyceroglycolipid glycoanalyst glycochemistry glycochenodeoxycholic acid glycocholate glycodendrimer glycoengineered glycoepitope glycohydrolase glycolipid glycolipidosis glycome glycometabolism glycomolecule glycopeptide glycophyte glycoprofile glycoproteomics glycoregulatory glycosynapse glycovanillin glycoxidation sulfoglycolipid thioglycoside
Descendants of hydrolysis
abhydrolase acetylhydrolase amidohydrolase aminohydrolase dihydrolase glucanohydrolase glucohydrolase glycosylhydrolase hydrolase lysergamide lysergic lysergic acid lysergol metallohydrolase phosphohydrolase ribosylhydrolase ureohydrolase