glycopeptide etymology

English word glycopeptide comes from English glyco- (Glycogen. Sugars.), English peptide

Detailed word origin of glycopeptide

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glyco- English (eng) Glycogen. Sugars.
peptide English (eng) (chemistry) The peptide bond itself.. (organic compound) A class of organic compounds consisting of various numbers of amino acids in which the amine of one is reacted with the carboxylic acid of the next to form an amide bond.
glycopeptide English (eng) (biochemistry) any compound of a carbohydrate and a peptide.

Words with the same origin as glycopeptide

Descendants of glyco-
acanthaglycoside glyceroglycolipid glycoanalyst glycochemistry glycochenodeoxycholic acid glycocholate glycodendrimer glycoengineered glycoepitope glycohydrolase glycolipid glycolipidosis glycome glycometabolism glycomolecule glycophyte glycoprofile glycoproteomics glycoregulatory glycosynapse glycovanillin glycoxidation sulfoglycolipid thioglycoside
Descendants of peptide
ectopeptidase exopeptidase metalloendopeptidase oligopeptidase peptibody peptidase peptidic peptidome peptoid transpeptidation