glycosynapse etymology

English word glycosynapse comes from English glyco- (Glycogen. Sugars.), English synapse

Detailed word origin of glycosynapse

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glyco- English (eng) Glycogen. Sugars.
synapse English (eng) (intransitive) To form a synapse.. (intransitive) To undergo synapsis. (neuroanatomy, cytology) The junction between the terminal of a neuron and either another neuron or a muscle or gland cell, over which nerve impulses pass.
glycosynapse English (eng) (biology) A molecular assembly that functions as a microdomain that mediates cell adhesion and signals transduction events that affect cellular phenotypes.

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Descendants of glyco-
acanthaglycoside glyceroglycolipid glycoanalyst glycochemistry glycochenodeoxycholic acid glycocholate glycodendrimer glycoengineered glycoepitope glycohydrolase glycolipid glycolipidosis glycome glycometabolism glycomolecule glycopeptide glycophyte glycoprofile glycoproteomics glycoregulatory glycovanillin glycoxidation sulfoglycolipid thioglycoside
Descendants of synapse
rapsyn synapsin