gonotheca etymology

English word gonotheca comes from English gono-, English theca

Detailed word origin of gonotheca

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gono- English (eng)
theca English (eng) (biology) Any external case or sheath.. (botany) The pollen producing organ usually found in pairs and forming an anther.. (coral science) The calcareous wall of a corallite, the exoskeleton of a coral polyp. (medicine) The twin layers of cells surrounding the basal lamina of an ovarian follicle. (microbiology, planktology) The membrane complex enveloping the cells of certain plankton [...]
gonotheca English (eng) (biology) The protective covering of a gonangium.

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Descendants of gono-
gonocide gonococcal gonococcus gonocyte gonopod gonosome gonozooid
Descendants of theca
hyperthecosis thecitis thecoma