granulose etymology

English word granulose comes from English -ose, English granule

Detailed word origin of granulose

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-ose English (eng) (chemistry) Used to form the names of sugars. Full of, like.
granule English (eng) (astronomy) a small mark in the photosphere of the sun caused by convection currents. See also Wikipedia:Granule (solar physics).. (biology) A small structure in a cell.. (geology) A particle from 2 to 4 mm in diameter, following the Wentworth scale. A tiny grain, a small particle.
granulose English (eng) (biochemistry) The main constituent of the starch grain or granule, in distinction from the framework of cellulose. It is coloured blue by iodine, and is converted into dextrin and sugar by boiling acids and amylolytic ferments. Granular.

Words with the same origin as granulose

Descendants of -ose
agarose arabinoside biose caseose cutose cytosine dambose decose dextrose favose fructose fructoside galactose gentianose hexosamine lacunose octose paucimannose rhamnose rutinose streptose sucrose tremellose venulose
Descendants of granule
chondrigen chondrite chondro- chondrule crunchy granola granola granola bar granularity granulate granuliferous granuliform granulometry granzyme hypochondriac hypochondrium