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English word granzyme comes from English enzyme, English granule

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enzyme English (eng) (biochemistry) A globular protein that catalyses a biological chemical reaction.
granule English (eng) (astronomy) a small mark in the photosphere of the sun caused by convection currents. See also Wikipedia:Granule (solar physics).. (biology) A small structure in a cell.. (geology) A particle from 2 to 4 mm in diameter, following the Wentworth scale. A tiny grain, a small particle.
granzyme English (eng) (enzyme) Any of a series of serine proteases that are released by cytoplasmic granules within natural killer cells.

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Descendants of enzyme
abzyme antizyme bienzymatic chemoenzymatic cryoenzymology ectoenzymatic electroenzymatic enzymatic enzymatically enzymic enzymological enzymology enzymolysis enzymopathy immunoenzymatic isoenzymatic isoenzymic isozyme lysozyme metalloenzymatic nanozyme nonenzymatic radioenzymatic synzyme
Descendants of granule
chondrigen chondrite chondro- chondrule crunchy granola granola granola bar granularity granulate granuliferous granuliform granulometry granulose hypochondriac hypochondrium