English word grapheme comes from Ancient Greek γράφω, English -eme.

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γράφω Ancient Greek (grc)
-eme English (eng) A suffix indicating a fundamental unit in some kind of structure, chiefly linguistic structure.
grapheme English (eng) A fundamental unit of a writing system, corresponding to (for example) letters in the English alphabet or jamo in Korean Hangeul.. In alphabetic writing, the shortest group of letters composing a phoneme.

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Descendants of γράφω
autobiography biography calligraphy diagram foss geography graft gram grammar graphic logo para paragraph pentagram phaser phosphorus photo photograph porn porno pornography program telegram true xerox
Descendants of -eme
acteme behavioreme chereme chroneme classeme classemic cultureme glosseme ideologeme kineme listeme metaphoreme moneme motifeme mytheme narrateme narreme phraseme repertoreme semanteme syntaxeme texteme toneme